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Circulation Policy

Patrons applying for the right to use the David & Joyce Milne Public Library agree to comply with all its rules, pay all damages, be responsible for all materials borrowed on their account, and comply with all library circulation policies.


Circulation Periods:


  • Books, Audio Books, and Music CDs: 21 days

  • All E-Books and Digital Media: 14 - 21 days

  • DVDs and Magazines: 7 days (for DVDs - 14 days for 3 or more disc sets)

  • Museum Passes: 2 days, non-renewable

  • Wi-Fi Hotspots: 21 days

  • Chromebooks: In-library use only

  • One automatic renewal is applied on all items checked out to patrons. Subsequent renewals are at the discretion of the owning library.

  • Patrons are allowed 50 items checked out on their record at any given time, regardless of format.


Items Owned by the Milne Public Library

For most items owned by the Milne Public Library, there are no late or overdue fines. Patrons can pay other fees by cash or check (made out to “Milne Public Library”) at the library, or by credit or debit card online. To pay online, go to the catalog and login to your patron account.


  • Museum Passes accrue a late fine of $5.00 per day, up to a maximum of their replacement fee of $150.00.

  • Wi-Fi hotspots accrue no late fees, but are subject to a replacement fee of $80.00 if lost or damaged.

  • Damaged or removed Chromebooks, tablets, or other computers will be subject to a replacement fee of $200.00.

Library patrons with more than $10.00 in fines or fees from any library will be blocked from borrowing materials from any of the C/WMARS libraries until they get their balance under $10.00.

Email reminders are sent out 2 days prior to due dates. Late items two weeks beyond their due date will generate an emailed notice and/or phone call to the patron. Items not returned one month beyond their due date will be billed to the patron for the full replacement fee.

Most materials have a replacement fee that is automatically assessed by the circulation system. This price is based on the retail cost of an item. Patrons must pay the fee directly to the library and MAY NOT purchase the replacement themselves.

Reserve and ILL (Inter-Library Loan) Items

Items owned by another library may accrue fines according to the other library’s policies.

The default C/WMARS fines are:

  • DVDs: $1.00 per day, with a $5.00 maximum fine limit per item

  • All other materials: $0.10 per day with a $5.00 maximum fine limit per item

ILLs are due on the date specified by the owning library. Items are held for 7 days on the “hold shelf” at the circulation desk. Subsequent renewals after the first are at the discretion of the owning library.

Replacement fees for ILL items will be determined and should be paid directly to the owning library. Patrons should contact the owning library directly to arrange payment.

Incomplete/Missing Parts of Items Returned to the Library

If an item is missing some parts when it is returned, then the item will be immediately renewed to the current borrowing patron, remaining their responsibility. The patron will be called and notified about the missing part. The incomplete item will be put on the library’s “problem shelf” and only checked in once it is complete.

Our staff is required to open and check the contents of all items being loaned out to patrons to make sure the item is complete. This check is also performed on items being returned.

Adopted 13-Oct-2021.

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