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Parking Lot Policy

The David and Joyce Milne Public Library welcomes everyone who is using the Library, enjoying the library grounds, using the internet through the library wifi, or attending a program to use the parking lot. 


To maintain safety: 


1. Park on the asphalt within the lined spaces - do not “double park” 


2. Never park on the grass or anywhere except designated parking spaces 


3. No parking in handicapped spaces without a valid issued permit 


4. When parking, leave ample room for vehicles to enter or exit the parking lot. 


5. No overnight parking is allowed as posted 


6. The parking lot should not be used for non-library purposes unless approved by the Director 


7. Animals and children should not be left in vehicles 


The Library does not at any time or under any condition assume any responsibility for damage to or theft of any vehicle in the parking lot or for personal injury, from any cause whatsoever, to any person or persons utilizing the lot. 


Anyone violating these rules, or engaging in any unlawful activity on Library premises, will be subject to Police action. 


Adopted by the Board of Trustees May 12th, 2021

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