Parking Lot Policy

The David and Joyce Milne Public Library welcomes everyone who is using the Library, the House of Local History, enjoying the library grounds or attending a program to use the parking lot.

Non-library uses will be allowed during daylight hours only when the library is closed.

To maintain safety:

  1. Park within the lined spaces;

  2. No parking in handicapped spaces without a valid permit;

  3. Park in such a manner as to provide ample room for vehicles to enter or exit the parking lot;

  4. No overnight parking is allowed as posted;


The Library does not at any time or under any condition assume any responsibility for damage to or theft of any privately-owned vehicle in the parking lot or for personal injury, from any cause whatsoever, to any person or persons utilizing the lot.

Anyone violating these rules, or engaging in any unlawful activity on Library premises, will be subject to Police action.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees 11/17/2010