Automatic Item Renewals

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Exciting news: patrons no longer need to remember to renew their library materials!

If an item has NOT been renewed yet, it will automatically renew on its due date for an additional loan period. (EXEMPTION: Museum Passes are NOT renewable.) An email will be sent to you on the due date of your checked out materials (if you have an email listed with us) alerting you that an automatic renewal has been attempted for your items. Please read the entire body of the email to find out whether your items were successfully renewed or if they were unable to be renewed. Reasons an item won't be renewed: a renewal has already been used, the loaning library does not allow renewals on the specific material, or your library account has expired.

All CWMARS member libraries are participating in the automatic renewal. This means that no matter which library your materials come from, they will automatically renew on the due date if a renewal is available and allowed. CW MARS developed automatic renewal in an effort to make borrowing materials as convenient and easy as possible! We hope you enjoy this new feature.