Try Our Adult Graphic Novels!

We've received a bumper crop of new adult graphic novels recently, and we would love to share them with you! If you've read graphic novels before, then you're probably already hooked. But if you've never read a graphic novel, we absolutely encourage you to try them out!

Graphic novels offer an experience that is a bit like regular reading combined with the feeling of watching animation. The pages come to life and have the potential to tell stories with huge emotional resonance - the phrase "a picture paints a thousand words" is scarcely more appropriate.

While the list below doesn't contain all of our new graphic novels, it does contain a selection of noteworthy and unique titles in a variety of genres. We hope you'll give them a try! Keep an eye out for more new graphic novels joining our collection in the future.

No One Else

By R. Kikuo Johnson. From Fantagraphics.


(14 reviews)

A death throws a family's life into turmoil in one of the most anticipated graphic novel releases of 2021.

In this graphic novel, Charlene is a divorced mom, has a young son named Brandon, and works full-time as a nurse while also caring for her infirm father. She is barely holding their lives together when tragedy strikes and leaves Charlene and Brandon on their own. Charlene, who has put everyone but herself first for years, sees it as an opportunity for a new start of sorts.

It's Not What You Thought It Would Be

By Lizzy Stewart. From Fantagraphics.


(10 reviews)

A poignant coming-of-age story, this debut graphic novel follows two young women on their path to adulthood.

In her graphic novel debut, English cartoonist Lizzy Stewart chronicles the lives of two close friends from adolescence to adulthood. As the years go by, life nudges them in directions that they never could have expected until finally, in their thirties, they hardly recognize the women they have become. Their situations have changed, from the sleepy countryside to bustling London, but their relationships and perspectives have also gradually shifted over time.


By Junji Ito. From VIZ Media LLC.


(909 reviews)

Another of Junji Ito's classics, the sci-fi masterwork Remina tells the chilling tale of a hell star.

An unknown planet emerges from inside a wormhole, and its discoverer, Dr. Oguro, christens the body “Remina” after his own daughter. His finding is met with great fanfare, and Remina herself rises to fame. However, the object picks up speed as it moves along in its curious course, eliminating planets and stars one after another, until finally Earth itself faces extinction… Is the girl Remina the true cause of the catastrophe?

Stone Fruit

By Lee Lai. From Fantagraphics.


(166 reviews)

An exhilarating and tender debut graphic novel that is an ode to the love and connection shared among three women and the child they all adore.

Bron and Ray are a queer couple who enjoy their role as the fun weirdo aunties to Ray’s niece, six-year-old Nessie. Their playdates are little oases of wildness, joy, and ease in all three of their lives, which ping-pong between familial tensions and deep-seeded personal stumbling blocks.

Woman World

By Aminder Dhaliwal. From Drawn and Quarterly.


(988 reviews)

The hilarious and wildly popular instagram comic about a world with no men

With her startling humor, it’s no surprise that Aminder Dhaliwal’s web comic Woman World has a devoted audience of more than 150,000 readers, updated biweekly with each installment earning an average of 25,000 likes. Now, readers everywhere will delight in the print edition as Dhaliwal seamlessly incorporates feminist philosophical concerns into a series of perfectly-paced strips that skewer perceived notions of femininity and contemporary cultural icons. D+Q’s edition of Woman World will include new and previously unpublished material.

Mawrth Valliis

By EPHK. From Image Comics.


(16 reviews)

During a skirmish with an opposing Martian faction, a fighter pilot disobeys orders to pursue a fleeing foe.

Guided by her determination and curiosity, she is led into a dangerous chase through Mars's forbidden valley where she will be confronted with the red planet's darkest of secrets.

A fast-paced, 128-page, full-color, pocket-format, sci-fi adventure through Mars's mysteries all told in its original Martian form.

Lights! Planets! People!

By Molly Naylor. From Avery Hill Publishing.


(2 reviews)

LIGHTS! PLANETS! PEOPLE! is an intimate and exhilarating graphic novel about space science, mental health, and communication – both interpersonal and intergalactic.

Renowned astronomer Maggie Hill is giving a lecture about her career, to inspire young women to work in science. She’s also attending her first ever therapy session, in order to overcome some debilitating anxiety. Both events force Maggie to examine her greatest achievements and biggest regrets.