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Programming Policy 

Purpose of the Programming Policy 

This policy outlines the objectives and extent of programming carried out directly by the Milne Public Library or on its behalf. The Milne Library provides free and open access to services, resources, and programming that embraces diverse viewpoints, fosters open exploration, and upholds the rights of every library patron. Our programming is purposeful, considerate, and guided by our policies, mission, vision, and strategic goals. We strongly advocate for intellectual freedom and resist any form of censorship. 

Definition and Scope 

Programs are defined as any group activity offered to the public that library staff have coordinated, planned, and/or presented, whether offered in or out of the library. Program focus areas include, but are not limited to literature, arts, culture, science, technology, crafts and maker programs, education, health, and community issues. Programs raise the library’s profile in the community and have a positive impact on library use. 


Library staff may use, but are not limited to, the following criteria in program planning: 

  • Relation to library mission and goals 

  • Community needs and interests 

  • Presenter background/qualifications/reputation 

  • Presentation quality and treatment of content for intended audience 

  • Budget and staffing considerations 

  • Connection to other community programs, events, exhibits, as well as collaborative partnerships 

  • Availability of program space and library scheduling conflicts 

This program policy does not apply to: 

  • Programs offered by other organizations on library premises where space is booked under the eligibility and guidelines of the Meeting Room Policy

Policy Guidelines 

  • The library will offer a diverse range of programs and events to reflect the needs and interests of the community.

  • Program selection and planning will consider the library’s commitment to intellectual freedom, ensuring that programs address a variety of perspectives on a given topic.

  • Library staff will fully vet professional qualifications and references of program presenters and performers. 

  • Programs sponsored by the library shall be designed to appeal to a broad range of ages, tastes, and interests. Some programs geared to specific interests and developmental stages may be restricted by the target audience. Programs targeted toward specific audiences shall be publicized as such. 

  • Every attempt will be made to include all who wish to attend a program. However, when safety or the success of the program requires it, attendance may be limited. When limits must be established, registration will be required and may be restricted by residency. Attendance at programs not requiring pre-registration will be determined on a first come, first served basis. 

  • The library may photograph attendees of library programs for use in library marketing materials and will notify attendees when doing so, allowing patrons the option to decline participation. 

  • Any presenter or programmer wishing to take photos for business purposes must announce their intentions in advance, allowing patrons the option to decline participation.

  • Attendees of the program must follow both the Patron Behavior policy and the policy regarding Unattended Children

  • Programs that support or oppose any political candidate or ballot measure will not be approved or offered by the library. However, educational programs, such as candidate forums that include invitations to all recognized candidates may be offered at the discretion of the library. 

  • The purpose of programs may not be purely commercial or for the solicitation of business. The presenter may leave business cards for participants to pick up after the program should anyone be interested in purchasing items or services from the presenter. 

  • In the event of a complaint or challenge regarding a library program, the Milne Public Library will follow the Library’s Request for Reconsideration of Materials or Services (see below). 

  • Decisions concerning an event’s audience, registration, capacity, late arrivals, and allowable walk-ins will be made by the library staff supervising the event.

  • The Milne Public Library encourages community members to provide suggestions and feedback for library programs and events. Suggestions for library programming will be evaluated based on their alignment with the library’s mission, vision, strategic plan, community interests, capacity, and intellection freedom principles. 

  • The library welcomes partnerships and collaborations with community organizations, experts, and individuals to enhance the quality and diversity of programming.

  • Library sponsorship of a program does not constitute or imply an endorsement of its policies, beliefs, or program by any library personnel or by the Milne Public Library. 

Requests for Reconsideration of Materials or Services 

Although programs are carefully selected and prepared, there can arise differences of opinion regarding the suitability of some events. Patrons requesting that programs be canceled or restricted/reclassified (e.g. labeling for adults only) may complete a "Reconsideration of Library Materials Form" which is available in the library and on the website. These requests must be made at least two full weeks in advance of any scheduled program to allow for time to receive and consider the request. The form will be given to the Director for a decision. If the patron so desires, it will be placed on the agenda of the next regular meeting of the Library Board of Trustees for further review.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees - 07/10/2024

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