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Fundraising Policy

Use of Library Space for Fundraising and Raffles

The David & Joyce Milne Public Library is a public resource and an active center for the community.  Groups wishing to use Library space in order to conduct raffles or other fundraising activities must adhere to the following policy.

I.     Only Williamstown civic groups can use the Library to conduct raffles or other fundraising activities.  Williamstown civic groups are defined as groups directly connected to the Williamstown town government, or that are directly and exclusively associated with the Williamstown community (e.g. the Williamstown Garden Club, Rural Lands Foundation and the Williamstown Historical Society).

II.    The David & Joyce Milne Public Library Board of Trustees will be the arbiter of what constitutes a “civic group” for purposes of this policy.

III.   All requests to use the Library for fundraising activities and raffles are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees, and this policy can be amended at anytime.  Those requesting use of library space should be aware that the Board meets in public session on the second Wednesday of each month.

IV.   The David & Joyce Milne Public Library will limit the number of fundraising activities (including raffles and collection jars) as follows:

A.    No more than one collection jar or sale of raffle tickets will be held on Library premises at any one time.
B.    Preference for fundraising activities will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

V. The length of time for the fundraising event will be approved by the Board of Trustees and limited to 3 weeks.

VI.Library staff will keep money for the fundraiser sales separate from library funds at the Adult Circulation Desk.

VII. If students under 16 years of age are fundraising in the library building or on the sidewalk, an adult from the organization needs to be present.

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