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Printing and Copying

The library has a printer available for public use, situated next to the public computers near the Reference Desk. The printer is capable of printing in both black & white and color.

Black and white printouts cost $0.10 per sheet.

Color printouts cost $0.20 per sheet. 

To use the printer, just log into a public computer using your library card or a guest pass. When you click to print a document, a pop-up will inform you how much the total will be. Upon your confirmation, the print job is sent to the printer. Scan your library card or guest pass at the print station and follow the on-screen instructions to print.

Mobile Printing

You can also send documents to our printer from your phone, tablet or laptop. To do this, go to:

Then select whether you would like to print in black and white or color, enter your email address, and select the document you would like to be printed. To submit your document, click the arrow button on the right. After it has uploaded, press the green print icon to finalize. 

After finalizing, your document will be ready to print at our print station. At the print station, select "Release My Print Jobs", enter the email address you used when uploading your document. Follow the on-screen instructions, insert coins into the vending device, and retrieve your printout.

Print jobs will be available for you to print at the print station for up to twelve hours.

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If you need to make any black and white copies of a document, we have a copier available for public use at the front of the library, opposite the front desk. Copies are $.10 per page.

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