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NoveList Plus

NoveList Plus is a database of book recommendations, and is the perfect tool to use when trying to decide which book to read next. This comprehensive source of information includes expert recommendations, reviews, articles, lists, and more. 


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What does NoveList Plus offer?

Unique Story Elements

Book listings on NoveList contain unique elements like genre, writing style, theme, and tone that are perfect for helping you find new books that have something in common with another that you've read and loved. 

Read-Alike Recommendations 

NoveList's recommendations are crafted by experts, and each recommendation provides information on who made it, and why the recommendation makes sense. There are recommendations for titles, authors, and series. There are even specific recommendations for audiobooks!

Series Information

Determining what titles are part of a series, and what order these titles take place within a series, is a common challenge! NoveList has full series information for titles within their database, so no longer will you be befuddled by starting a series at book three. 

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