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Social Justice and Activism

The David and Joyce Milne Public Library is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and the mission of social justice. This young adult collection features books that open doors to our country's past and present struggles and triumphs. We encourage adults and teens alike to delve into the diversity that makes up our country as we strive for social justice. Learn from the past, change the future!

Click on the images below to be directed to our catalog. An online resource guide can be found at the end of this post with links to websites of interest.








  • We Need Diverse Books is a nonprofit organization created to promote diversity of multiple forms in children's literature and publishing, which grew out of the Twitter hashtag #WeNeedDiverseBooks in 2014.

  • embrace race: Our hope is to help nurture a generation of children with the tools and will to dismantle structural racism and inequity.

  • Art Against Racism is creating an international community of bold creatives, arts administrators, community organizations and activists dedicated to anti-racist social change.

  • Antiracism Meditation. Why We Created This Project...Two friends -- one Black, one White -- teaching the world how to be anti-racist through meditation. Our unique perspectives provide a 360 lens to personal and societal healing. We invite you to join us -- tune inward, reflect, awaken and grow.

  • Stop AAPI Hate. Our communities stand united against racism. Hate against Asian American Pacific Islander communities has risen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, we can stop it.

  • TED Talks, video series. From passionate pleas for reform to poetic turns of phrase, these talks take an honest look at everyday realities of Black Americans and illuminate the way forward.

  • The Schomburg Syllabus archives Black-authored and Black-related online educational resources to document Black studies, movements, and experiences in the 21st century.

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