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Did We Let The Pigeon Push The Cart?

Our second Stuffie Sleepover happened! Jana the Giraffe, Bunny (the collie) and Pigeon (the pigeon) joined Harpo for a tour of the Children's Room. We did NOT let the pigeon push the cart. That would NOT be safe.

We made a stop so everyone could see what happens to books when they get returned. Apparently they slide down and then go bump at the bottom, just like everybody else.

And then we looked at the new board book cart, which is NOT for climbing! Even though it looks like fun! Even if you can fly!

And the supply cabinet, which is ESPECIALLY not for climbing or hiding in, get down from there please!

It seemed like maybe we should do some coloring at that point. Something calm and safe. We put the scissors away because they are for bigger kids and nobody had thumbs anyway.

Then Jana needed a drink, and Pigeon tried to help. This was not the best way to do it. We made sure nobody got wet, but it was a very close thing! (Harpo said it's okay for seals to get wet, but we reminded him that his tag says he's not washable.)

Time for a story! Pigeon had an idea ....

But we decided on something else in the end. Everyone liked this book a lot! It's an exciting adventure with really good pictures if you can't read the words yet.

We had a place for them to sleep, but they all dozed off in the chair, so we left them there for the night. We really enjoyed having guests and we hope they come back again!

Shhhh, don't wake them up!


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