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Learning Journeys With Creativebug

Text reads " Learning Journeys With Creativebug", along with illustrations depicting crocheting and bookmaking

Master new skills with specialist guidance from Creativebug's new Learning Journeys! Each journey provides a number of classes for you to follow, honing your craft and creating exciting projects.

Please note that in order for the links provided below to work, you will first need to click here and sign into Creativebug using your library card details if you have not done so already.

Current learning journeys include...

Text reads "Patchwork Learning Journey" accompanied by illustrations of squares of fabric and thread.

Learn the foundation of quilt-making by creating patchwork blocks! This collection of classes covers all the basics that you will need to get started, from the tools and materials you will need to using patterns to make your very own blocks!

At the end of his journey, you will have created your very own quilt top.

Text reads "Kid's Crafting Journey", accompanied by doodles of stars and a rocket ship

These classes cover a whole range of creative activities, all using inexpensive supplies that you may already own. With these classes, your kids can learn to weave, create bubble fairy wands, fold space-themed origami, and more!

Text reads "Cricut Learning Journey" with illustrations of tote bags with vinyl patterns

These classes are the perfect way to get to know your Cricut machine! Learn how to make totes and pouches with iron-on vinyl, beautiful layered nature cards, and stenciled vases! These classes are compatible with any Cricut machine.

You've borrowed books using your library card - now learn how to make books, too! These classes cover all the basic tools you will need to venture into the world of bookmaking, and teaches multiple ways to fold and bind your handmade books.

Text reads "Crochet 101 Journey" with an illustration of a person crocheting

Learn how to read crochet patterns and how to do basic crochet stitches! The daily practice will introduce new ways to combine your stitches, and by the end of the journey you will have made your very own crochet hat. Not only that, but you'll have the skills and know-how to allow you to make hats of all sizes for your loved ones!

Text reads "Garment Sewing Journey" with an illustration of a sewing machine

Create clothing that is the perfect fit for your own body with this Learning Journey! Learn the basics of your sewing machine, how to read sewing patterns, how to maintain your sewing machine, and - of course, how to make a number of fashionable garments.

Text reads "Quilting 101" with an illustration of a quilt

You learned how to make a quilt top in the Patchwork Learning Journey - now learn how to turn that top into a complete quilt! These classes guide you every step of the way, including how to bind and finish your quilt either by hand or machine, resulting in a quilt to be proud of!


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