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New Video Games!

Growing up in the early 70s was tough. The only video game was Pong (or a derivative of it), and if you didn't have a console you had to convince your parents to take you to Sears and play the one they had in the TV department. (It's possible that this is not a universal truth. Let's roll with it.)

1978 brought us Space Invaders and arcades sprang up everywhere. 1985 introduced the Nintendo Entertainment System so you didn't have to even leave your house to play cool new games ... and everything snowballed from there.

Today's video games are widely varied in theme, animation style, and mechanics. Some of them are a series of increasingly more difficult puzzles, and some just let you build a farm. Many of them are sneakily teaching patience and thinking skills (shhh, don't tell!) while you manipulate your tiny avatar around, over, under, and through. And also, they're fun. And fun is good!

So as mentioned above, here are the new games we have just acquired. Come on in and check one out!


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