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Open Mic Poetry Night!

Kira and Rocio, the Adult Services and Teen Librarians, are happy to report that Wednesday night's second annual poetry night was a success! Local poet Chris Hantman was again our enthusiastic emcee, six people read their original work, and several others recited the work of other poets. Plus, we are thankful that an audience of 18 people came to hear and support the readers. After the event, many of us gathered for a reception.

Below are some of the original poems that were shared on Wednesday, re-printed here with permission from the authors:

In the Forge of Resilience

In the crucible of time's relentless churn,

A soul endured, a spirit yearned.

Through valleys deep and mountains high,

A journey embarked, 'neath the infinite sky.

In the shadowed depths where pain held sway,

I walked the path, day by day.

With each step forward, a battle waged,

In the war within, where strength was gauged.

Through the labyrinth of crisis, I tread,

Where tears were shed, and fears were fed.

In the echo of despair's refrain,

I sought a refuge, but found only pain.

Yet amidst the storm, a flicker of light,

Guiding me through the darkest night.

In the depths of despair, where hope seemed lost,

I found a strength, despite the cost.

With each passing hour, each fleeting day,

I forged ahead and come what may.

Through the haze of uncertainty, I pressed,

Determined to rise above the rest.

For in the depths of adversity's grip,

Lies the power to rise, to never quit.

With every setback and every blow,

I found the strength to continue the flow.

Though sickness and weakness weighed me down,

I refused to wear the victor's frown.

For in the battle scars that marred my skin,

I found a beauty, a strength within.

Through tears and time, I persevered,

And in the end, victory appeared.

For on the other side of pain's cruel game,

I found a life, reborn, reclaimed.

With mindset firm and support by my side,

I stepped into the light, no longer to hide.

For though the journey was long and hard,

It led me to a life, replete with promising prospects.

I’ll rise a thousand times again,

A symphony of resilience, my refrain.

In human frailty, strength is born,

Each fall a testament to the morn.

Pain and I, we dance the night,

Beneath the stars, our silent flight.

Yet in the darkness, hope abounds,

For with each dawn, new strength is found.

Through trials and tears, we journey on,

In search of peace, till pain is gone.

But in the struggle, we find our might,

And rise again to claim the light.

So here I stand, strong and tall,

A testament to resilience's call.

For in the forge of pain, I found my voice,

And in overcoming, I rejoice.

Echoes of a Healer

In the realm where hearts beat as one,

Where dawn meets dusk and day is done,

There lies a path, both bright and true,

Where healing hands bring life anew.

In the tapestry of time's unfold,

A healer's story, yet untold,

With every pulse, a sacred vow,

To soothe the ache, to calm the brow.

Through corridors where shadows dwell,

In chambers where the sickly swell,

A beacon shines, a guiding light,

A healer's touch, both pure and bright.

In the silence of a whispered prayer,

In the solace of a gentle care,

The alchemy of science weaves,

A tapestry where hope retrieves.

For in the calling of a healer's fate,

Lies the power to alleviate,

To mend the broken, to ease the pain,

And bring forth joy where tears once reigned.

So let the journey of medicine unfold,

In every story, in every mold,

For in the heart of a healer's creed,

Lies the essence of humanity's need.

-by Olivia Zoito


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