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Pet Photo Contest 2021 - Winners

After counting the votes placed so enthusiastically by our patrons, we're happy to announce that the winners of this year's Pet Photo Contest are...

Cutest Pet

The title of Cutest Pet goes to Willow! This adorable and playful pup won the hearts of the voters, and who can blame them? Very well deserved, Willow!

Funniest Pet

Inspiring laughter in the voters, Flynn wins the vote for funniest pet!

Horses are funny, cones are funny - an instant winner!

Most Unusual Pet

Pieco, the impressively liptastic fish, won the title of Most Unusual Pet by a landslide with a whopping 31 votes. This is the most votes any single pet earned, by far!

It just goes to show that being unashamedly yourself pays in the end.

Best Dressed Pet

You know you're onto a winner when a dog is more fashionable than you could ever hope to be.

Mischa is looking fabulous in their hat and scarf combo, all ready for some autumnal photoshoots!

Best in Show

And the champion of the lot, the crown of the show, the tip-top dog - Little Bear!

At 20 years old, Little Bear is not slowing down when it comes to winning the admiration of the voters!

Well done!

Thank you to everyone who entered and voted, and congratulations to the winners! We have certificates for each winner, so please come and collect yours next time you visit the library.

Keep taking photos of all of your wonderful pets - we'll look forward to seeing them next time!


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