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The *Best* List of the Best Books of 2021!

There are many lists of “best books” of the year out there, so we have compiled a list of our favorite sources of bests. Check 'em out and find your next great read!

From libraries and other book-focused experts:

Choose from lists of fiction, nonfiction, mystery, romance and a few others; or just pick up a copy of this monthly magazine at the Milne Library.

A popular online book reviewer, they’ve narrowed down their favorites in many fiction genres, in addition to nonfiction and YA books.

Based on votes cast by over four million Goodreads users, in multiple categories.

Titles from 2010-2019, novels only. What were we reading pre-pandemic?!

Focuses on books that have been most positively reviewed this year, starting with fiction. Lists of bests in more genres are to come!

From the third largest library in the world, find lists for adults, teens and children, which can be filtered by genre.

In slideshow format, you can limit by many categories going as far back as 2010.

From popular media outlets:

Fifty hot titles selected by editors of this men’s magazine in no particular order.

Create your own lists based on multiple, fun categories, and titles going back to 2013.

Lists this Oprah Winfrey publication’s 20 favorite fiction and non-fiction titles.

The editors' favorite 59 books - why 59? Not sure, but they picked some good ones.


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