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Wanna save energy at home? We can help!

In addition to locating books and all kinds of other information, there are other ways that we can help you find out how to save energy, which almost always means saving money too.

The library owns a number of gadgets that can be checked out that you might not know about, that may entice you to make upgrades at home. You can check out a portable induction stove to give it a try, if you are on the market for a new stovetop. Want to watch it in action first? View this video made by Williams students. Induction stovetops use much less energy than gas burners and conventional electric stovetops.

We've also got two thermal cameras that can be used to discover air leaks in your home, from drafty doors to leaky outlets. Even small leaks can affect the efficiency of HVAC systems in any building. Borrow either a thermal camera for Apple or one for Android smart phones, which come with instructions.

The library has also hosted two events recently with MassSave, to highlight their Community First Partnership with Williamstown. Energy experts and a Berkshire Regional Planning Commission representative reviewed the benefits of, and incentives for, installing heat pumps in your home or in any property that you own. While these appliances are called "heat pumps," they also work as air conditioners. Check out this brand new article about heat pumps in the Summer 2023 issue of This Old House! For the electronic version, just use your card number and pin to login to Libby. Alternatively, we also have the print version here in the library.

Heat pumps are certainly not the only solution to home energy efficiency! In case you missed the first two events, a similar one will again take place here on Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 as part of Climate Preparedness Week. Experts will again talk about heat pumps and other ways to more efficiently control building temperatures, and review the new government incentives for installing them, made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. Among the many incentives are several for purchasing hybrid and electric vehicles as well!

Have any other questions about energy efficiency? Don't hesitate to ask us here or contact Kira at!


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