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Why Should YOU Read Graphic Novels?

Graphic novels are one of our many growing collections at the library, and they are becoming ever more popular! Never read a graphic novel before? Here are some reasons why we think that they might just be the perfect thing for you.

A Treat for the Eyes
From 'Lore Olympus' by Rachel Smythe

Every artist has their own style and way of telling a story visually, and these are a delight to explore as a reader of graphic novels.

Titles have their own unique visual identity, which can often feel like a "narrative voice" - the story you read is told through the lens of the art. Single panels can carry profound emotional weight, or can lightly cast a whimsical flourish, all through the smallest of details. You'll often find yourself reading back over panels, as though revising a favored passage or quote.

These are some titles from our collection that we find to be particularly visually alluring. Just click on a cover to open the catalog and place a hold through your account:

Time Is of the Essence
From 'Keeping Two' by Jordan Crane

Perhaps one of the biggest appeals for those of us with busy lives - graphic novels usually do not take very long to read!

After a busy day, it can be hard to find the time to commit to reading a traditional book. Graphic novels, meanwhile, can be comparatively quick and snappy - offering the satisfaction of reading a book, with no less potential for narrative or informational merit.

If you're looking for something to read in a pinch, we'd recommend any of the following titles:

The Spice of Life
From 'Talk To My Back' by Yamada Murasaki

Each graphic novel has the potential to offer an utterly different experience - so much so that you'll rarely find any two that are alike!

We are entering an era where graphic novels from around the world are being translated into English, which means that we are seeing important classics from other countries finally reaching our shores. This is perhaps most true when discussing manga - a style of Japanese graphic novel that reads from right-to-left - that has seen a boom in popularity.

Thanks to the inherent visual nature of graphic novels, artists are able to visually depict culture, places and people to new readers in a way that might be difficult when it comes to the written word alone. And this is as good a time as any to mention that graphic novels aren't all fiction! There is a wealth of lushly illustrated and informative non-fiction titles out there, alongside fiction that ranges from the wild and wacky, to very human narratives, grounded in reality. No matter your preferred style of reading, there are graphic novels to suit your taste.

For a glimpse at the variety on offer in the world of graphic novels, we recommend:

There's No Age Limit!
From 'Hilda: The Wilderness Stories' by Luke Pearson

So you've started to discover the world of graphic novels! Well, not to make your horizons even broader, but children's and teen's graphic novels have just as much to offer! Really, the only difference is the amount of age-appropriate content present.

Graphic novels written for children and teens are a bounty of incredible art and storytelling. For older readers, these graphic novels can be a form of time travel - perfect for transporting yourself back to a world of childlike wonder. Just because a book is written with a younger audience in mind doesn't mean that it doesn't have anything to offer you!

From whimsy and adventure, to exploring the struggles and challenges that youths face in their lives - there are so many of these graphic novels that are absolutely worth your time. Here are just a few:

And with that, you're ready for the big, wide world of graphic novels! Who knows what you will discover? If you read anything fantastic - please let us know! And if you want any further recommendations, you need only ask.


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